Recycling Program go green!

Our innovative imaging solutions make efficient use of energy while enhancing office productivity. The Clean Planet Program is Konica Minolta’s cost-free consumables recycling program that adds zero waste to landfill and zero incineration

  • Replacing stand-alone copiers, printers & faxes with energy saving multi-function devices lowers your energy bill
  • Using double-sided printing cuts paper waste, with duplex speeds at 95% of simplex
  • Free toner and consumable recycling. We provide the box and Konica Minolta ships it to an environmental friendly recycling source.
  • Waste toner bottles, developer units, drums, etc., can be placed into a mid-range collection box or large gaylord. Note: All brands of consumables can be included with your Konica Minolta material in mid-range collection boxes or gaylords. (“Single Label Program” labels are still for use only with Konica Minolta branded material.)
  • ECO FRIENDLY PLASTICS Konica Minolta has developed a technology that blends PET plastic with PC from water bottles to create a recycled material that can be used in the outer casing of MFPs. This is the first use of recycled materials for the outer casing of MFPs in the industry. We have also started producing toner bottles made from recycled HDPE plastics from recycled milk bottles.
  • SIMITRI TONER Konica Minolta’s own Simitri toner is made with plant-based “biomass” materials. It contains smaller particles than ordinary toner which cuts toner consumption by 30+%.